Werewolf Barmitzvah
Katie / 16 years old /

spooky, scary, boys becoming men, men becoming wolves!

Be the person Uncle Iroh knows you can be


@ikebarinholtz: Would have loved to been in this photo with these cool ladies but they said no #thenest

With the end of 30rock we also lost one of the great things the interwebs (or NBC.help) gave us: Ask Tina

Baby: M-m-m
Mom: Marxism will prevail?
Baby: M-mommy
Mom: You are a bourgeois sympathist baby and if you had been educated you would need reeducation. Instead, I will raise you as a communist


bbcamerica How many of us are there? #OrphanBlack #CloneClub #SDCC

"Look, I need you to read and sign the employee manual. Details a lot of the workplace policies. One of them is, um, proper workplace attire."

All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

The Awesomes - Amy Poehler is Jaclyn Stone (x)